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Who I am:

My name is Susana and I was born with the natural gift of sensitive clairvoyance, a gift one is born with, impossible to acquire through study or research. With more than 30 years of experience, I have managed to better understand and perfect this gift from the universe, to improve my abilities, my connection with the great amount of energy that surrounds me and to understand all those messages that my senses pick up. A sensitive clairvoyant does not need tools to capture and understand the messages that the universe sends her, even so, the use of cards, pendulums or other esoteric elements help people to better understand our actions. I invite you to make a free Tarot reading, allow me to communicate with you through the cards and let you get the message that the universe has for you.

If you want to know your reading for Today, make a query to the major arcana, is the most certain way. Begin with the right foot every morning knowing first hand the most intimate events of your existence with the Free Daily Tarot.

Free Daily Tarot Reading

Don’t worry about the future and take advantage of this free drawing cards to find out, not only your card for today, but several of them that will help you face the next hours with total optimism.

The first thing is to select the type of daily tarot you want to know, you can choose between the Love Tarot, Career Tarot or a General consultation that will help you face the day with a more specific vision of what awaits you.

If you want to know what destiny holds for you, in this 100% FREE online tarot, you can unravel all the mysteries surrounding your past and present, so that you can face the future with total optimism. If you want to discover it, select below the Tarot you want to consult:

Choose 10 Cards to get your Free Daily Tarot Reading

Choose the cards we’ll use to read your future with Daily Tarot Free. Remember, I’ll shuffle the cards constantly and they each represent the mood I see in front of me.

Take a moment to pause between the cards, and when you have finished selecting the cards for the Tarot reading, we will take you to a detailed interpretation of each card and what it means in its position in the spread of the Celtic cross.

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The result of the reading has to be interpreted as follows:

1st Card : Current situation
2nd Card : Obstacles and Challenges
3rd Card : The base of the current situation
4th Card : Recent past
5th Card : The best that could happen
6th Card : Proximity to the arrival of events
7th Card : The person who consults as she sees herself
8th Card : The surroundings of the consultant
9th Card : Hopes and fears.
10th Card : The correct result. Now is when you have to interpret the question asked.

Free Online Tarot 1
The card The Judgment is the representation of transformation and change. This can happen in the future, now or in the past. If you appear on the run you will have to make important decisions, then the path of your life will depend on you.
Free Online Tarot 3
The meaning of The Empress in Tarot reading represents motherhood, resolves love conflicts and suggests that we will succeed in our work, especially if we intend to start a new business.
Free Online Tarot 5
The Temperance card indicates positive things for us, if it appears at the launch it means that we will be lucky enough to start new projects, as long as we can maintain an emotional and personal balance. If we don't, the card advises us to take the necessary steps to moderate ourselves, and if we already are, it suggests that everything we want to achieve is within our reach.
Free Online Tarot 7
The Tarot Card The Star means hope, good times, renewal. It tells you that you will achieve the spiritual peace you have been searching for, that you will begin to be happier and have good opportunities.
Free Online Tarot 9
The Sun Tarot Card, being the opposite of the Moon's, brings with it light, color, joy, positive energy. If it appears in your reading it will bring good news, with the next successes and luck, both sentimental, personal and economic.
Free Online Tarot 11
When The Death card appears at the launch, it means that there will be a dramatic change in your life that will lead you irreparably to a new beginning. It usually symbolizes the loss of something, failure or destruction.
Free Online Tarot 13
The Tarot Card 'The Magician' means action and power in your life. The magician is a figure that represents activity, in fact the magician is the one who is the creator of his own fortune, who is entrepreneur, who acts, and who gets results.

When he goes out tells us that you communicate very well, then you have to take advantage of these advantages to achieve your goals.

It is a card without a doubt positive, in fact represents the one who has skills and intelligence, uses them, and thanks to his merits gets results.
Free Online Tarot 15
When the card the Hierophant appears in a reading, it means education, wisdom and tradition. He suggests that you look for someone to guide or advise you in your personal or professional life. He also tells us that you should be satisfied with what you have, so it is not a positive or negative card.
Free Online Tarot 17
If the Wheel of Fortune card appears on your release it means that there will be changes in your life, that you will be lucky and that in general everything will improve, but not without ups and downs.
Free Online Tarot 19
When The Chariot card appears at launch, it has to do with some journey, but not a physical journey, but a journey of progression, of progress towards its goals. So every time you leave the right, this card is positive, it tells you that you are on the right track and if you keep working hard, you get what you want.
Free Online Tarot 21
When The Strength card appears on the tarot throw, it means that you have, or will have, a lot of confidence and security in the face of complicated situations. It tells us that you like to have power, command, but that you know how to handle situations very well and that they do not get out of control.
Free Online Tarot 23
When this card appears in your reading you will have to think very carefully about what it may mean, because it is a confusing card that can fool you. It tells you that decisions are approaching a certain risk, but it does not tell you whether it is for good or evil. It can also mean that someone is hiding something from you, that there are secrets in your life and that you may spend some time mentally confused.

Well, the best advice is to be cautious about anything, anyone, and any decision you are about to make.
Free Online Tarot 25
If the tarot card Justice appears at the launch, it will be a clear sign of Karma and balance in your life. Depending on your past, present and future actions, the result will be for you, neutral or against you, but the card itself does not mean that it is good or bad, it depends on the Karma you have collected.
Free Online Tarot 27
The Tarot Card The Hermit means you have to look for yourself without help. If it seems to you, you must examine your consciousness and look at your inner spiritual self.
Free Online Tarot 29
When the Tarot Card The Emperor appears in your reading, it symbolizes authority, the reason and the paternal. This card advises us to be rational and assertive in our personal and professional lives in order to go far.
Free Online Tarot 31
This card warns you of unexpected changes that will happen soon in your life. These are negative and dramatic changes that cannot be avoided, but you can try not to make them so difficult.
Free Online Tarot 33
If The Devil card comes out in a throw, it means mostly negative things, feelings like anger, fear, temptation or acts of violence. Perhaps you are stuck in a relationship that harms you, you are addicted to some substance, or you are involved in a web of lies, whether you promote them or suffer them.
Free Online Tarot 35
When the card The Lovers appears in the Tarot reading, it means that you are at some point in your life where you have already taken, are about to take, or will have to make a very difficult decision. Usually it's about love or relationships, but it can also have to do with our professional life or negotiations, and if you take the right path, the result will be positive.
Free Online Tarot 37
The Fool is a very powerful card in the Tarot deck that usually represents a new beginning - and consequently the end of something in his previous life. The position of The Fool on his roll reveals which aspects of his life may be subject to change. The Fool announces that important decisions are coming that may be difficult to make and may pose a risk to you. Approach the changes with optimism and care to achieve the most positive outcome possible.
Free Online Tarot 39
If The Hanged Man's card shows up at the del tarot card launch, it means things will change. You don't know if it will be for the best or for the worst, or what kind of change, it may be professional, personal, spiritual, etc., but your life will take a different direction and you will have to accept it. It can also mean that you will have to give up something to improve your life.
Free Online Tarot 41
The Tarot Card High Priestess symbolizes a woman with a lot of intuition, mystery, knowledge, wisdom and intelligence.

This indicates that things will happen in your life that will make you discover in yourself things that you didn't know yet.

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Meaning of the Tarot Cards and their Origin

The theory that has gained the most force about its origin, hovers in the middle of the year 1377 A.D., where it was used as a method of divination. The deck holds a lot of power and mystery, in the classical Egyptian it was known as: “the royal way“, the true source of knowledge.

Later this method was imported to Europe, with the cards that we currently know, in 4 categories: clubs, cups, swords and coins (minor arcana). Around the 15th century, in Italy, the ones that we currently know as major arcana, became more important, taking on figures of heroes and gods representing astronomical and philosophical expressions.

Currently the deck is composed of 78 cards:

  • 22 major arcana
  • 56 minor arcana
Cartas do Tarot

Its history is very rich and mystical. Necessary answers to go through your destiny more confident, will be the key together with each card you will choose according to your intuition. There are many good seers, but you will only find the best one here, there’s still a lot of snooping to be done!

Free Tarot of Destiny: Connect with the Earth

Tarot Gratis do Destino

Do you know…? it’s imperative that you learn how to connect to the mother earth before you start this online practice. It brings out the bad energy and incorporate the good one, just close your eyes and breath properly.

Ask for protection to Mother Nature and your Guardian Angels, and when you feel that connection, you’ll be ready to receive in advance, details of your destiny through tarot.

Inhale and exhale

An important step in attuning with spiritual forces is the way you breathe. Relax, try to put your feet on the ground and visualize roots coming out of them, until they reach the center of the planet. Now, close your eyes and breathe slowly, inhale and exhale for a period of 8 to 10 times, feel happy and with your mind blank.

Think about the Question you Want to Answer in your Free Online Clairvoyance

vidência grátis online

With your mind clear, try to imagine a white light halo coming out of your soul and giving light to every part of the environment around you. That pearl light should light up your heart and give you peace and security.

Now, you will be fully connected and enlightened to make use of this practical tool, with the necessary preparation to think calmly. I leave here for you an invocation to help you in the question you want to ask so that the cards can answer you.

Short Prayer for an Answer

O Mother Earth of all spiritual forces, guide me on the right path to choose the question that gives me a solid and positive answer. May my heart be filled with radiance and may this be my strength to face my destiny. So be it.

It is very important that you think of a simple, short question, without mixing issues, because mixed questioning interferes with the answers and complicate the interpretation of the meaning.

It is valid to clarify that the tarot will only speak of your immediate destiny or whatever you were asking, it will serve as an ally when you have to decide something, but the final resolution is yours.

The Importance of the Cards Preparation

importância da preparação das cartas do tarot

When you are about to choose the tarot cards, you should know that in order to throw the cards, you will click on seven of them, respecting the place where each refers to your question. The first one concerns Money, the second to Love, the third to Work, the fourth to Health, the fifth to the Future, the sixth to the Present and the seventh to Destiny.

The preparation that the operator can use, is not always the same for all of them, since each one has its own personal code to enshrine the cards. One of the most used ways is the invocation of the forces of the Universe, where a ritual accompanies the throwing of the cards to the interested party.

The tarot operator must clean the cards after using them, so that these meet your own energy. At the end of the consultations, they should be ordered numerically, from 0 to 22, then stored in a purple velvet bag, to prevent contamination of negative energy from the environment.

Esoteric schools insist that it is very important the ability of the operator to play the cards, if you want to find out about a particular subject, your consultant should prepare meticulously and deeply the cards, so that the interpretation is unbeatable.

The meaning After the Launch of the Tarot Cards

I tell you, my friend, that the practitioner will give you an answer according to the cards that are shown literally, that is: the symbols appear in the print run, the way they are presented and others details that have to do with meaning.

But, in addition, you have to know that the capacity of the person who handles the esoteric practice makes a big difference, when their professionalism allows you to analyze beyond the evidence shown in the cards. The result will change substantially when the interpretation is supplemented by their personal appreciation, in reference to what you’ve expressed.

A specialized consultation will give you a much wider margin of truthfulness, and you will be satisfied with the reading.

Accurate Tarot Reading

Understand that consulting the cards does not mean you will have a 100% of hits, many factors influence a print run and the questions asked by whomever consults. Excessive emotions and anxiety play against a proper interpretation, as they occasionally intercept the recruitment of the tarot card player, at the moment when he turns over a card.

I could tell you, that the interpretation of a roll of tarot cards online, is not always foolproof, though it helps as a weather service: you’re not going to be prevented from the damage of cold or heavy rain, but can tell you about them so you can prepare to face them.

Dare to face here, in this blog, the forecast of your destiny. You will be entering an esoteric world where divination goes hand in hand with intuition and clairvoyance and you are free to inquire into your own existence, choosing some cards that will be giving you a general overview or particular view about how much you want to know.

Take seriously and with credulity the consultation of the free virtual tarot. One very special and experienced tarot artist is waiting for you, without previous shifts, so that right now you can click on the cards, let your intuition suggest you!

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