Daily Tarot

“My card of the day”, is what you will find here wrapped in a message that the daily arcana has prepared for you. In this way you will take the reins of your daily life in a safe way that only here we can give you and 100% free. This activity must become a routine, so that you can face the day to day knowing what the next hours will bring.

It doesn’t matter if you are worried about love, money, health, or career, here we will solve all the intricacies of your day so that you can anticipate the facts, and make the best decisions.

Daily Tarot: Your Arcane of Today

Please draw one card

You may be tempted to participate in actions that are not in accordance with your principles. Pay attention to the proposals that are made to you. What is easy comes, easy goes.

The Hermit is a meditation card, to think very carefully about all the actions that you will have to do during the day. Whatever decision you have to make, it takes time to think about it.

In love and relationships this card is the little passion, the union is more emotional than physical, the attraction is more for the intelligence than the physical aspect.

In financial matters The Hermit advises you to be more cautious in not spending what you do not have, stop waiting for miracles, invites you to think about how to manage your finances, be smarter and use money creating goods.

If you are going through a crisis: The Hermit advises you to be more cautious in not spending what you don't have, stop waiting for miracles, invites you to think about how to manage your finances, be smarter and use money creating goods and get a little away from the world, meditate on loneliness is when you make the best decisions, use experience to find the best way out. Read something rewarding, use your free time to learn something new and interesting, something that can help you improve as a person and be a person to be admired.

The Hermit advice for today: look inside for the peace you need, meditate and reflect on loneliness, cross nature, look more to the sky and ask questions, always seek the truth, question everything you are told. Intelligence is not the ability to memorize, an intelligent being is one who can solve problems, who learns from his mistakes and does not repeat them.
How are you two doing as a couple? Are you making everything go well and in harmony? Or are you just waiting for God's will?

The card from The Lovers appears when it offers us a deep perspective of human relationships, not necessarily as a couple. Even with family and friends.

It invites us to be more open in communication, not to get into fights, to take it easy. You will probably be forced to make a decision that involves others. Think before you decide, do not be selfish when you think only of your own happiness, if the happiness of others is at stake you should meditate well and try to find a healthy solution for everyone.

Being a union card, a reconciliation is at the door. Spiritual union of yourself with the world, trying to be a better and more numerous person.

In the future The Lovers wants a meeting to have renewing and motivating experiences, do not let anyone stand in the way of your plans for the future. Enjoy every moment and come to succeed.

If you are going through a crisis or a problem, this card advises you to make decisions with your heart, stop being critical and manipulative. Be honest with yourself, sometimes it is better to lower your guard to take things in peace.

Couples benefit from the appearance of this card in a reading, individuals may have sudden arrows or love at first sight.

The advice of the day in The Lovers is: Seek harmony in everything you do, whatever you do must do it with passion and love. If you have to make a decision and have doubts, balance your happiness with the others you want.
Today is a day to keep calm and avoid being disturbed by some problems that will occur throughout the day, and may also occur in the following days.

The High Priestess is the card of passivity, she must always stay focused on her emotions. The High Priestess is about to see situations that will drive you crazy and test your nerves. First, calm down. Avoid unnecessary stress.

You may also discover some secrets or news you've been waiting for a long time. This is a good card because you may receive news about legal matters, news related to a small inheritance or studies.

The feelings will be centered without becoming emotional excesses, people will approach you because they see in you a reliable person, but for this to happen you must be a person of impeccable morals and very honorable. Today you must always let intuition guide you, for today is a day of many hidden messages that will be given to you through various means. You must know how to decipher them.

From the financial point of view, there is stability. You won't make big profits, but you will keep everything under control. You have to use all your cunning if you want to improve in this respect.

In health this card suggests good results, it's the card of studies, medical exams. It'll be fine. In case of illness, The High Priestess recommends rest and tranquility.
The Strength is the card of desire and passion, of self-control and is often synonymous with sexual repression. It is also the charter that advises you to take control of your destiny with passion and courage. And above all, to be convinced that your success is almost a reality.

Today you will be on trial, you will know how to control your character. Avoid unnecessary arguments or fights. Don't let yourself be dominated by bad character. Then you may regret it.

If you are going through a crisis, this card advises you to better control your emotions, avoid unnecessary stress and worries, because this will not solve anything, on the contrary, it may aggravate the solution. Think better about your actions before you make a decision.

The strength of finances is an auspicious card, the arrival of money for some investments, the arrival of work-related news. Everything is positive in the coming days.

The Strength advice for today is: Free that inner animal to earn a living, use the passion for profit. Learn to free yourself from oppressive chains, always acting with morality and honour. In this way, you will earn the respect you deserve.
Today you will have to make a responsible decision., you must mature in all aspects and be as fair as possible when making the decision. Think carefully if your actions can harm someone, especially the people you love most.

It's time to put order in conflicts, they are all kinds, especially emotional, because they can cause unnecessary damage.

Thinking and meditating on past moments and using melancholy as an escape from reality can be a pleasant experience, but do not abuse it. The past is no longer recoverable and it is simply the time to take the experience into the future. Do not chain yourself to the past.

It is time to look to the future, to be your own judge, to open your mind to new experiences, to be locked in memories that you miss the beautiful moments of today and tomorrow that will come. Do not waste your energy, much less your precious time, because DO NOT GO BACK.

If you are going through a crisis, the Card from Justice advises you: DO NOT blame others for your misfortune, measure what you have done in your life:

Was it all because of your bad decisions? What have you done in your life to complain about others? Do others owe you anything? Be THE GIFT of your life and your destiny and above all take responsibility for your life, only you can do it and undo it. Don't let resentment hurt your mind anymore.
Leave inaction and paralysis to the weak, you are a unique and precious being, do not let yourself be dominated by the easy way out.

Sometimes tying yourself to the easy way out is not the right decision, many of us have to make small daily sacrifices to pursue a goal we have already set ourselves. For some it is idleness, for others it is money, and for others it is negative feelings.

There comes a time when we have to offer something to get what we want. Don't try to run if you still can't walk, little by little you learn to be disciplined in life.

The Hanged Man is a card of inaction, a situation that has paralyzed itself without looking to the past and the future. But if you look at the image of the card, The Hanged Man feels no anguish or pain. He is running away from his reality and feels very comfortable with his inaction. He has devoted his life to wasting time with useless and useless things.

The Hanged Man has tried in every way to be the center of attention as if such an act of being turned upside down were worthy of recognition.

As Master Jesus said to the question, 'How shall we recognize you?' And in the wisest manner he answered, FROM YOUR FRUIT you shall be recognized.

If you are going through a crisis, The Hanged Man advises: Even if he is in the worst situation, acting violently or without thinking about the consequences will only make things worse. It is better to put aside the love of matter and end things in peace. Maybe it's time to abandon some harmful ideas and emotions, if you make a sacrifice, be sincere.
Temperance is the card of harmony in all its facets. In spiritual or emotional harmony, in physical harmony and health.

Do you need some transcendental change in your life to achieve the necessary balance to feel better? If so, Temperance invites you to reflect and be more critical of yourself. What prevents you from achieving your goals: to be a better person, to have more money, to lose or gain weight, to improve your health. What are you looking for in your life? Ask yourself: why not start now?

Temperance is a self-critical meditation card, looking for the solution inside us, external factors cannot influence our daily decisions. If they do this with you, you should think better about how you are conducting your life and especially with those around you.

If you are going through a crisis, Temperance advises: Always seek balance in your life, take care of your relationships, let people see that you are capable, honest and, above all, a person of value. In this way you will have the emotional or financial support you seek.

Live in harmony with everything, with people, with nature, with animals. Take care of them, love them and above all respect their environment. Improve your relationships, surpass yourself as you wish. What prevents you from doing so?
This card is a clear warning, today more than ever we must keep our eyes open. We could be victims of all kinds of traps. The devil is the father of lies and deceit. Maybe today you're surrounded by them. Look who you are, and above all, don't open your mouth to talk too much. If you have goals and plans, let them be just for you.

There are people who have for fun to envy others. They distil poison and hate, try to stay away from them and if you have no choice, DO NOT listen to them and keep them away. Don't be fooled by their chatter. Many will try to make friends, but keep an eye on them.

If you are going through a crisis, the Devil advises you: In life fools are almost always the losers, be a little ahead of others. Sometimes it's good to take advantage of the situation, you have to be more ambitious, want more power, if you want more money, go find it. Don't sit on your hands, if you have to go and step on your head, do it. For someone to win, someone else must always lose. It's human nature, whether we like it or not. We're either masters or slaves, there's no middle ground.

The Devil is the card of excesses, if you've fallen for one. Try to leave, for misfortune may come because of it.
Today is a day to express creativity in all its amplitude. The Empress is the card of the artists par excellence. It is also the card of the protective mother or parents, in many cases wishing the birth of a child. Or his conception, even the deep desire to generate.

Emotions are strong and deep whatever the situation, today is a day of excessive emotion: much love or much hate. Depending on the circumstances around you, that is how you should act.

Evoke strong emotions, close ties. A day of memories and melancholy of loved ones or friends who are no longer there.

Under the financial aspect indicates weakness to solve problems, you can take advantage of your honesty, so be careful if you make any business transaction or purchase. Don't lend money, it may be part of a hoax.

On the work front, there will be favorable circumstances for your future. But don't let your emotions play into your hands; they should not see you as a weak person without any interest in your future.

If you are a woman, you may find yourself surrounded by sentimental and emotional situations, day of easy tears. Try not to let them take advantage of your nobility.

The Empress is an extremely feminine and provocative woman. If you are a man, today you can be surrounded by attractive women. Be careful not to let the siren song fool you.
Today is the time to act and be an initiator. If you want to leave a legacy to remember, just start something that transcends time.

The Magician is the card of the Artist, the initiator of projects, who can do everything simply by deciding. Why don't you do it? What prevents you from acting in his favor?

Today can be an excellent day to start something new, leave the conversation, laziness, you know you are wasting valuable time in actions that, in the long run, will not give you any benefit.

The day is excellent for business conversations, asking for favors, investing a little money in what you think will benefit you. An aura of good energy will surround you, people will see you with eyes of admiration. Try not to disappoint them. There are people who admire you very much and to them you are a kind of hero.

But just as everything is conducive, you must also be careful with fraudsters, today will be the order of the day, if they see you very kind they will want to take advantage of you. Beware of those you know or those who tell your secrets.

There may be very interesting conversations over the phone or chat, which invite you to participate in some project or a new idea. Take this opportunity to take advantage of it. But always try to make sure that nobody is damaged and if someone wins, try to do everything the same way.
The Chariot is the card of triumph in all its facets. Today it should be used to the maximum to plan new objectives and new projects.

All things are in your favor today, people will see you as a reliable person, if you have to ask a favor, do it with confidence. But yes, all this will come if you have acted with honor since time immemorial. Otherwise, you may need many conditions to be helped.

This is not the time to rest and think too much about acting, it is TODAY OR NEVER, dare to make the leap that will bring you benefits in the medium and long term.

The Chariot is the card of those who always go ahead without thinking too much about the consequences. Be bold, but at the same time cautious. Especially in spending or financial investments. As your honesty to others is your weakness and they will try to take advantage of it.

In love, it is the card of the conqueror and the seducer, if you are a lady, you will probably be surrounded by attractive men, whether at work, in the street, at some social gathering.
Today is the day to reaffirm what you have achieved with so much effort. It is time to be responsible and to face reality as it should be. The card from The Emperor invites you to renounce any kind of immaturity. It opens a new phase in your life, trying to reach your goals by acting honestly and especially without lowering your arms at any time.

May you want to give up everything, but think about it before you do. Many people trust you, they see in you the livelihood and the brave person worthy of an example to follow. If you are going through a crisis, The Emperor advises you to get rid of false illusions, not to stick to memories, much less to people. If you do not know what direction to take, The Emperor advises you to take control of your destiny once and for all and mature, you are no longer a teenager who needs others to be someone. Decide once and for all and go forward with courage.

Time will come to be responsible for your actions, to assume the consequences with nobility. In this way you can get rid of the problems that surround you.
Today can be a day to do something crazy and get out of the daily routine, leave aside shyness, react to the world. It is time to make decisions that can transcend your life and make it much better.

But for this life itself requires that you mature, walk on the ground and organize your life in a more sincere and honest way. This is not the time to waste time with useless things, to use that free time to learn something new, to improve as a person. Look for the real motivation, which is what you want for your life, what you really want.

In love be more honest with yourself, this is not the time to play with feelings, much less think like a teenager. Try to find satisfaction in every way.

Materially, it is time to move your hands, both to improve what you have achieved with effort, and to start this project you have in mind. But don't throw yourself in the water without knowing how to swim. Look for professional help, you don't have to spend. You can find help on the Internet (videos, Facebook groups, etc.). But look and don't lower your arms.
The Moon represents instability, irritability, risks and secrets hidden in the dark. It is usually associated with people who love the pleasures of the night, charlatans, liars, traitors.

It must take a path that, while causing you discomfort, will have to face your destiny with courage. You must walk very cautiously, because on your way he will meet undesirable people. Betrayal will be present in one way or another.

Try not to meddle in matters that do not concern you, because you may be involved in an unnecessary scandal. Couples should solve their problems with each other, avoid gossip or gossip that could have consequences for others and especially for you.

If you are going through a crisis, The Moon advises: Put your fears aside, you are not a good counsellor at all. You should not be enslaved by the torture of bad feelings, nightmares or trauma, and harmful emotions

The Moon advice for today is: Don't hide under the shadows, if you were born to shine, do it, but with your light. It shouldn't be anyone's reflection, much less be in anyone's shadow. Try to progress with your means.

Whatever you do, you must do it with extreme caution and above all, do not trust dishonest people, no matter how much they draw the best image, you may fall victim to a trap.
The card from The Sun represents the joy of living, feeling each moment as unique. It's time to stop worrying even for a moment and thank you for what you have.

Did you know that you only attracted what you wanted? So avoid wanting what you don't want for your life. It is better to say and repeat: I want to be prosperous, successful and with lots of money. What is it? I don't want to be poor, I don't want to be unhappy... Do you understand the idea?

The Sun is the card of triumph, of life and often the birth of a new life. Births, or the birth of a new being, or the beginning of a project that has been gesticulating for a long time.

You make the sun shine its light on everything you plan, if you love it, you do it with passion, if you have an idea, try to make it real. If you want something: ask for it.

The Sun is the card of fatherly protection, protecting your home and yours tooth and nail. Do you have this feeling for others, or are you looking for protection?

If you are going through a crisis: A new day is coming, maybe today, trust that everything will go in your favor. Put aside your resentments, if you want something right, be sure the universe will make it possible. The important thing is to believe with much Faith.

The Sun advice for today is:Enjoy every moment and thank you for what you have, many beautiful things will happen, but will only be granted if you are willing to receive them. If you are ungrateful, selfish and greedy. It's hard to get these beautiful gifts.
This card represents the end of the problems, but also the need to make a self-analysis or an internal judgment about the values of our life. What have we done to live the situation we are going through today?

Judgement is a letter is associated with Karma, punishment for bad actions and reward for good. Remember, sooner or later, everything is paid for. Keep this in mind when you have a new idea.

It is also associated with disputes or legal issues. The watchman who comes to fight for honest causes. If you are waiting for something new on a matter of justice, you can hear about it very soon. Be patient, if your cause is just in all respects, assume it will act on your behalf.

On the sentimental side The Judgement warns you of senseless and excessive jealousy. Do not fall into the game of victim and executioner. You know how to move your chips in the game of love.

As for the economy, you may soon have good news. Debt payments, loans, the expected arrival of money. Use that money for cultivation, not to waste it. You will have time to have fun and unnecessary expenses.

If you are going through a crisis, The Judgement advises you: Problems will be solved over time. But be brave and above all patient. Luck is on your side this time. Seize the moment.
This Arcanum invites you to reflect today, your faith will be tested in every way. You must reaffirm what you believe and desire.

It is time to trust himself more and in what he can do, he must improve his attitude towards the world, leave aside selfishness and rancor. This card invites you to be a more spiritual being and to put aside your excessive love for the material. It does not advise you not to seek material success, on the contrary, it encourages you to achieve it, but only if you are honest, sincere and with the desire to transcend and try to help others.

You have to be a person of impeccable morals and honor at every moment of your life. As they see it, so they will heal you.

If you are going through a crisis, The card from The Hierophant advises you to look within yourself to the cause of the crisis. You should not concentrate on finding problems only in others. Sometimes we become so blind that we do not realize that perhaps we are in error.

If you need help, The Hierophant advises you to approach the spiritual. Ask God and His Angels to intercede for us, and if He promises anything: He must realize it.
The Tower announces falls and ruptures, but always advises for good and invites you to meditate on what makes you fall or makes you fall. It is time to break this bad influence.

From the sentimental point of view, this letter announces ruptures, conflicts, fights. But it almost always has its cause in concrete actions. In other words, they were necessary. People often have their sincerity when they're under pressure, this may be the case.

If you are going through a crisis, The Tower advises: let the bomb go off! Sometimes it is better that everything explodes once and for all before you are always on alert if one day this could happen. The brave only seem really brave when they are under pressure. Maybe that's what you need: pressure. To open your eyes and act more mature and consistent.

The advice for today from The Tower is: if you want to break something, do it, if you want to get rid of something, do it. But do it with Passion and a good reason, if it's just a whim of the moment. Not only will you have lost something material, but you will also be ridiculous in front of others. You won't have won anything.

And this is also true in every aspect of your life, breaking with bad relationships, breaking the chain of pessimistic emotions, breaking with all that is harmful. In this way, true and sincere liberation can come.
The card from Death in the sentimental aspect warns that even if it all ends, it's always something. Either because fate has something better for you, or because you have freed yourself from your chains. Life always wants what's best for you. Always remember this.

If you are going through a crisis the card from Death advises: If you feel you are swimming against the tide trying to save something that you know very well that despite all your efforts you have no salvation, it is better to leave it, it is better to take the necessary turn even if it is painful. Fate has something more and much better for you, don't waste those energies on something that has no solution.

The advice of Death for today:Try to take that big step that you need to renew yourself, to improve more and more as a person, to be more spiritual, more condescending to others. Free yourself from the oppressive currents that keep you from moving forward. Everything is in your mind and especially in your decisions. Accept the challenge or go ahead as you are, it's up to you.
The wheel spins indefinitely giving everyone the chance to be at the top, and as now you could be on the ground tomorrow.

Luck should not be tempted, luck should be used when it is in all its glory, but if you abuse it or ask for more than the bill, the fall may be imminent and painful.

The Wheel of Fortune is a clear warning for those who abuse money and emotions, for players, for those who play with feelings.

In health it also warns those who in one way or another harm your body: smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, the depraved. At some point karma comes and health will suffer.

If you are going through a crisis, The Wheel of Fortune advises you to wait, to be more patient with others. Do not make hasty decisions without first meditating. The solution comes, but it seems to be too slow. Courage and choose better what actions to take. Meditate if what you are going through is your cause, if so, only you have the answer and the solution.

The advice of the Wheel of Fortune for the day: You must use your skill and experience not to fall into lies or false tears again, if an issue or problem is repeated over and over again, there will be almost no favorable change. Do not fall into traps.
The Star is a positive card in the extremes, alleviates all evils that can be passed. It gives you a new perspective on life, if you are feeding your head with good ideas and positive thoughts, The Star comes to reward you.

All the plans you have proposed, have a good result with this card, and if it doesn't come out the way you wanted, just meditate where you have failed. You can always learn from everything, never forget it. This can help you do things better and try again.

Family and love relationships take a new direction, everything seems to improve with time. The light that goes with it hardly goes out if you feed it every day. And this can be achieved by being more honest, better person, more honorable. That you know how to keep your promises.

It is also a win-win card for finances, the economy has a rebirth that many did not expect. But don't waste it, reinvest it, and if something has made you profit, repeat it. Your intuition will be at its full potential.

If you are going through a crisis, The Star recommends: Take it again and try again. Don't be defeated by a fall, you have all the potential to win and be a real winner in all aspects of life. Continue in all your splendor. Get well prepared, take a good look, decorate your home. Maintain family harmony. Leave the old grudges behind, but don't sell your self-esteem at any price. Be worthy of respect and admiration.

The Star advice for today is: chase your dreams, have faith that everything will happen, but don't wait for God's blessing, do what you have to do, make things happen.

How my day will be?

Arcanos do Dia

Your day is involved in actions that seem to be the chance of your environment, but in reality are nothing more than actions carried out according to the experiences that other people have and that can affect your existence, either directly or indirectly.

The only way to find out is to consult the energies that surround your life on a daily basis, and the correct way to do this is consult the daily tarot every morning.

Como será meu dia?

Each person involves their own energy, positive and negative according to the actions that they exchange with the environment, your mission will be to synchronize only with those people who vibrate in your same frequency, so that you can only be surrounded by people like you.

Pay close attention to the message you will receive from your card, as it will involve a very deep message that you must receive, capture, and process first thing in the morning, so your subconscious will act accordingly to this card.

I recommend that you do not force the things you would like to get in a certain time, things end up coming into your life, in any area to which it refers, as long as you act with love, and good intentions. Your card will undoubtedly guide you along this good path.

Finally, I will recommend that you read the message in depth and interiorize it first thing every morning. Add this page to your browser’s favorites, so that you can consult it easily. And under no circumstances should you do two readings in one day, as it could obstruct the message and confuse your subconscious.

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