Meaning of Tarot Cards

If you wish to know deep aspects of your existence, such as: spirituality, life, or ethics, the major arcana are your allies. If, on the contrary, you wish to know more basic and superficial aspects, you can use the minor arcanes. In short, I will show you the meaning of the tarot cards in detail so you can have your own interpretation of life.

You should know that there is no good or bad interpretation of tarot cards, there are simply certain basis that have been handled since the sixteenth century in Italy to interpret the deck according to the individuality of each person.

Any individual will be able to emit a criterion according to the combination made in the Marseilles Tarot (or any other), but a high level of intuition and experience of the clairvoyant will allow to emit a more founded criterion according to the experiences of the consultant.

Meaning of the Major Arcana

Its meaning involves the true meaning of life through 22 cards. Arcane in Latin means: secret or mystery. If you look closely, you will realize that each character stages the creation of the world, from the synthesis to the total creation of life, this is known as cosmology.

This is why these cards are so effective in getting to know the essential aspects of the consultant. They will allow you to know people’s subconscious problems. For example: sometimes the client is doing badly in life, and it is not known exactly what the conscious reasons are for this situation. Regardless of the meaning of each one, you must keep in mind that each one represents a moment in your life.

Meaning of the Minor Arcana

They represent the mundane, the facts and events that can happen to anyone. There are 56 cards, where you have the characters that describe the consultant, and the cards from 1 to 10 that define very concrete facts, grouped in 4 categories:

1. Cups

It refers to intellectuality, love and partnership. Select a card below to get its detailed interpretation:

2. Wands

In general terms it refers to professional developments, work and new projects. Click on each letter to expand its meaning.

3. Swords

It refers to changes (constructive or destructive), obstacles, concerns, and possible diseases. See the chart detail below.

4. Coins

It represents the material and the exterior. It deals with issues of inheritance, money and luck. Click on each card to find out its specific meaning.

You must take into account that if many cards appear relating to the same suit, it means that your life is marked by that particular aspect. For example, if you get a lot of coins, it is a good sign, a priori, in the sense of economic well-being.

You must support this interpretation with each of the characters that appear, since in this way aspects such as your work, personality, appearance, and character will be clear.

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